Air Emissions are often considered to be less significant than water pollution. However, climate change and the increased use of performance finishes have raised the importance of air pollution. Control of air emissions is important for both environmental and worker safety reasons, as fumes, dust and smoke can
create serious health issues. It is normal for local authorities to have strict standards for air emissions and factories must be in possession of the appropriate certification to demonstrate compliance.

It is important to ensure boilers, generators and any other pieces of equipment that burn fuel meet local consent limits for air emissions. It is also important to explore how the factory can improve its efficiency to reduce the total amount of fuel used as this has a very direct impact on air emissions not to mention costs.

Fumes and particulates from the exhausts and chimneys are traditionally difficult to manage, but the development of modern scrubbers to remove noxious gases and particles can help ensure consent limits are met.

For the safety of workers air extraction devices should be employed at the source of any fumes or particulates in the factory. For example, the dust generated by brushing, sueding or the weighing of powdered dyes should be extracted at these points in the factory. All dust or particulates that areĀ  collected through extraction should be careful disposed off with other solid waste.

all workers must be provided with PPE where any health risks from air emissions are identified.

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