Bangladeshi Company to Build Textile Factory in Ethiopia

BDL Group, a company based in Bangladesh, will build a textile factory and garment in Mekele town in Ethiopia with over 765 million Birr.

The group has signed an agreement with the administration of the city and has received 68 hectares of land for the construction of the plant.

Company President Abdul Wahed, during the occasion said that the Group has decided to invest in Ethiopia because of business and investment in the country.

He said the construction of the plant will be launched within two months and production will be started after nine months.

Until the end, the plant will create jobs for nearly 3,000 people, he added.

According Waheb, the company has plan to make additional investments in the next two years.

Textile and garment factory contribute to the efforts of the country to improve companies engaged in the manufacturing sector, said the mayor of Mekele, Tewelde-Birhan Tesfalem.

It would also benefit farmers who can provide the raw material for the industry, he added.

Beginning its activities in 1991, BDL Group currently has facilities for spinning, knitting fabric, dyeing and finishing, clothes, washing, packaging and printing.

DBL Group is a diversified manufacturing knitwear and integrated composite.

DBL Group is 100 percent industry-oriented composite knit garments and textiles export manufacturing in Bangladesh.

The group employs approximately 15,700 people.

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