To determine the strength of the bra wire casing, by giving the bra a “hot wash”. The bra wirw casing is then assessed for shrinkage and the bra wires are assessed for distortion.


2.1      REAGENTS


-Use IEC reference detergent type B inclusive of 20% Sodium Perborate.  Detergent used must be stated on the report.

2.2         APPARATUS

-Twin Tub/Durawash Washing Machine

-Polyester Make Weights

-Domestic Tumble Dryer – 4kg load.

-Non-rusting drying trays

-Pan balance capable of weighing up to 2kg.

-Chemical balance accurate to + 0.0 / g




3.1      Condition the specimens for a minimum of four hours.

3.2      2 bra sizes should be tested. A small cup and a large cup.

3.3      Push the bra wire to one end of the casing and at the other end measure the gap between the end of the wire and the end of the casing. Record this measurement on both cups of each bra.

 4.         TEST PROCEDURE

4.1       Fill the machine with water to the full mark (approximately 40L)

4.2       Heat the water to 50°C.

4.3       Weigh the test samples and make load up to 1kg with the addition of polyester makeweights.

4.4       Weigh 30g of detergent and add to the water.

4.5       Run the machine for approximately 1 minute to dissolve the washing powder.

4.6       Add any makeweights to the machine.

4.7       Add both bras’ and run the machine at the required temperature for 15 minutes.

4.8       Remove the bras’ and any makeweights.

4.9       Rinse the bras’ and makeweights separately, twice in the spinner using cold water.

4.10    Tumble dry the bras’ and makeweights on hot until they are dry.


5.1      Condition the specimens for a minimum of four hours.

5.2      Assess the casing for any holes punched through by the bra wires

5.3      If the wires have not punched through, repeat the procedure as stated in 3.3.

5.4       Assess the bra wires for any distortion.

 6          REPORT

6.1       Report the results for each bra size separately.

6.2       Report if the bra wire has punched through. If it has, it will not be necessary to report the distance from the end of the bra wire casing.

6.3       Report the distance in mm from the end of the bra wire to the end of the casing for each bra


6.4       Report if the bra wires have become distorted.


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