Scope and Principle

To determine the strength of knitted fabrics, by means of distending the fabric to a point where it either ruptures or fully fills the dome.

Bursting Strength – Distending force which is applied at right angles to the plane of the fabric, under specified conditions, which will result in the rupture of a textile.

This test is used to determine the resistance of textile materials to bursting using

Test Procedure

Refer to BS EN ISO 13938-2: 1999 (using a diameter dome)
Hydraulic Diaphragm bursting tester –
Diaphragm Burst

The area of sample of fabric to test is clamped over an elastic diaphragm by means of a flat annular clamping ring, and an increasing fluid pressure is applied to the underside of the diaphragm until the specimen bursts.
Diaphragm Bursting

Test Report

Average Bursting Strength (kPa)

Range of results (Minimum and Maximum result in kPa)

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