Compliance Checklist for Garments Factory

Here i discuss about compliance check list according to factory department or section wise.

Key Department under cheklist:
♦ Management Documents
♦ Emergency Exits
♦ Aisles
♦ Emergency Lighting
♦ Fire Extinguishers/ Hose Reel / Hydrant
♦ Emergency Preparedness
♦ First Aid
♦ First Aid Kits
♦ Chemical Storage Area
♦ Signs/Labeling
♦ General Equipment / House Keeping / Electricity
♦ General Equipment / House Keeping / Electrical Hazards
♦ Lighting
♦ Machinery
♦ Waste Water Treatment
♦ House Keeping, sanitation and Hygiene Toilets, Dining and Kitchen Facilities
♦ Bathrooms / Toilets

Now we discuss briefly about department or section wise:

management documents
emr exit
first aid
gnrl equipment

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13 Responses

  1. maidul islam says:


  2. Very Good initiative. want to be a part of it.


  3. Golam Kibria says:


  4. Golam Kibria says:

    Timely and perfect

  5. rayhan kabir says:


  6. Omarforhad says:


  7. Rakesh Mishra says:

    very nice information .

  8. Md Salim Bhuiyan says:


  9. Md Salim Bhuiyan says:


  10. Md Salim Bhuiyan says:


  11. KhanSujon says:

    Why we not found check list about–
    *Waste Water Treatment
    * House Keeping, sanitation and hygiene toilets, dining and kitchen facilities
    Please provide this or suggest me how we can find it………………

  12. Md Ehsanul Islam says:

    Inventory of Wastage how to maintain this

  13. Bharathi Natarajan says:

    I Want this in excel format with Act ref. any one have pls. share

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