Composite Testing of Lead in substrate

 Composite test for Lead:

Composite Testing of Lead


-CPSC-CH-E1003-09 dated April 26, 2009:

-CPSC allows composite test for lead on April 26, 2009

-composite up to 3 colors

-any sample having greater than 80 % of the limit for lead in paint in any of the composited paints should be retested.
Lead in Paint

Lead in Paint

Example of CPSIA Changes for Children’s Products

where need lead test

which item need lead test


Sampling – Break down- Zipper
Test Parameter:

Lead in Coating

Lead in Substrate

* For Puller and Head, test after removal of red coating

sampling breakdown of zipper

Sampling – Break down- Snap Button with Stud

Test Parameter:

Lead in Substrate

* Remember to check the Transparent coating

sampling breakdown of Snap Button with Stud


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