Dimensional Stability to Commercial Dry Cleaning


To determine the dimensional change of knitted and woven fabrics /product when subjected to a commercial dry cleaning process, using Perchloroethylene (Tetrachloroethylene)


A pre prepared sample of fabric is dry cleaned, once, at a reputable dry cleaning establishment, to assess dimensional stability of the fabric.


Access to a reputable Dry Cleaner
Calibrated metal ruler
DALO marker and/or an indelible marker pen
Overlock Sewing Machine
White Sewing Thread

Specimen Preparation

Condition the samples for a minimum of 4 hours in a conditioned atmosphere of 20 ±2°C and 65 ± 2% RH before testing.

The minimum size for a Dimensional stability square is 60 x 60cm.

Do not use the fabric within 5cm of selvedge.

a) Place the template on the fabric with the side of the template parallel to the length (warp) direction.

b) Mark the three width and length marks in pairs, check the marks are precisely 50cm. If not record this measurement. Draw an arrow in the right-hand corner of the sample to denote the length (warp) direction prior to cutting from the main piece.

Test Procedure

Any reputable commercial dry cleaners can be used. Establish that the solvent used in the process is Perchloroethylene (Tetrachloroethylene)

The specimen is dry cleaned once, as Table 1.
Re-Measuring Procedure

Condition the samples for a minimum of 4 hours in a conditioned atmosphere of 20 ±2°C and 65 ± 2% RH before re measuring.

Transfer the specimen onto a work surface in the same location. Do not move the specimen about whilst re-measuring.
New length              -             Original length
After Wash/Dry            (500mm or recorded length before Wash/Dry)
Original Length
= Shrinkage / Extension in %

Note: a Minus sign – indicates Shrinkage

a Plus sign + indicates Extension

Test Report

Using the adidas Group standard report format:

Report the average change in dimension of the length and width directions. Use a positive sign to indicate an increase in length and a negative sign to indicate a decrease in length. Quote the results to the nearest 0.1

Table 1

It is advisable in order to ensure that consistent results are being obtained from the chosen dry cleaning establishment to periodical check the results for continuity.

The following procedure is recommended:
- Choose a fabric that gives a degree of shrinkage and extension
- Retain a reasonable quantity of the same fabric
- Depending on requirements for this test submit either monthly or quarterly a sample of the chosen fabric


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