Duties & Responsibilities of Factory Compliance Officer/Auditor

 Responsibilities & Duties :

1.    To floor visit at least thrice a day.
2.    To ensure workers fire safety, fire prevention, fire equipment, health & safety &       comfortable environment at work  place.
3.    To aware the workers about personal protective equipment.
4.    To receive grievance, complain, demand & suggestion from the workers & after receiving the issue discuss with related persons & local management immediately.
5.    Try to find out emotional problem of an employee. The problem may be work related or personal or family which  affects his/her work performance.
6.    To provided supportive counseling the sick worker for medicinal support on the worker’s requests, complain or  situational demand.
7.    Try to make aware the existing workers about by company provided all facilities & necessity of compliance.
8.    To perform when social compliance audit.
9.    To follow up aisle mark free, fire extinguisher no blocked, emergency exit free, fire equipment free, stair free from carton in the floor.
10.    To check all production related register if any date mentioned of holiday or not.
11.    To conduct orientation program for newly appointed worker.
12.     Try to motivate & make them conversant with the company objective, rules & regulations, buyer code of conduct & local laws.
13.    To briefing the employees about all facilities of company, mandatory safety instruction including all “do’s &     Don’ts”.
14.    To make aware the employees about leave procedure, maternity benefits, working hour & over time system according to local laws.
15.    To make aware the employees about personal health & hygiene, HIV/ AIDS/STD.
16.    To conduct awareness programs the pregnant workers about safe motherhood.
17.    To ensure that no employee each maltreated mentally or physically abused & they should be treated with respect & dignity.
18.    And any other work assigned by the Management.

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