EU to provide GSP+ to Bangladesh by 2020

Chairman of the South Asia Monitoring group in the European Parliament’s International Trade committee Sajjad Karim said European Union (EU) wanted to provide GSP+, an extension to the GSP system, to Bangladesh by 2020.

Sajjad Karim made the disclosure while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Bangladesh Apparel and Safety Expo-2015 in the port city.

GSP+ is an extension to the GSP system – it includes developing countries which have proved their commitment to sustainable development and good governance. Most duty rates are ‘zero’ under this part of the scheme.

Sajjad Karim says, “Bangladesh, however, needs to develop in some sector that includes worker safety, especially their physical-mental security, environmental development and social security.”

He also praised the steps that garments factory owner took to ensure workers safety.

EU delegation head to Bangladesh Pierre Mayaudon said factory does not mean only production. Workers’ lives are also connected with it and this is why the entrepreneurs need to make factories friendlier to workers.

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat also, in her speech, put emphasis on workers safety issue.

She said they were satisfied with the joint effort of Accord, Alliance, BGMEA and Bangladesh Government for the development of garment factories.

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