Fabric inspection is performed according with the ASTM D 5430-93 (Reproved 2001) Standard test method for Visually Inspecting and Grading Fabrics.
This test method is considered satisfactory for acceptance testing a commercial shipment.


1. Sampling of incoming shipments for inspection shall be performed on a completely
random basis; 10% of the dye lot or 10% of delivery.
2. Fabric will be graded using the “4 points system” or “Point Assignment option A”.
3. All defects which are clearly noticeable from three feet shall be scored as defect and
demerit points assigned according to severity.
4. Some problematic fabrics, styles, colors, products of new suppliers are undergoing
examination up to 100% of delivered goods.

“ POINT ASSIGNMENT OPTION A” – The 4 points system

The 4-point system is a basic guideline for inspection adopted to any buyer. quality requirements. Fabric is graded as per penalty point system.

penalties for imperfections




1. Assign no more than a total of 4 points to any one linear meter or yard of
fabric regardless of the number or size of the detected individual defects.
2. Assign 4 points to each consecutive linear meter or yard in which a continuous
running defect exceeds 230mm or 9”.
3. Assign 4 points to each linear meter or yard of fabric where the usable width is
less then the minimum specified.
4. Assign 4 points to each seam or other full width defect of seam if applicable.


Total the number of points assigned for each roll examined. Calculate the points per 100 m²
or yd² or to points per 100 linear meter or yd. using one of the following equitation:
Points /100 m² = 100,000P/WL
Points /100yd² = 3,600P/WL
Where: P = Total points assigned
W = fabric width (mm or inch)
L = fabric length (meter or yard)

grading for fabric inspection

An increase of not more than 10% in penalty points will be allowed on “first quality goods
over 50” wide.

• No piece shall be accepted with 50% of the defects which are 1 point defect
• No piece shall we accepted as first quality with more then 3 full width majors per 100
linear yards.
• No piece shall be accepted as a first quality exhibiting more then 1 ½” of bowing /
skewing on 60” goods.
• Patterned fabrics (prints, stripes or design) will not be accepted as a first quality
exhibiting more then 1” bowing / skewing.
• No piece shall be accepted as first quality exhibiting a noticeable degree of looseness

The following conditions are not acceptable if prevalent in a piece:

Calendar marks, dye streaks, embossing roller damage, finishing dirt, side to side shading or poor penetration, stains, tears along the selvage and barred. Double edge lines more than 1/8” (from both sides) and fabric hand too stiff or too soft to standard. (waviness) or tightness along either or both selvages.

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