Fabric weight test procedure

To determine the mass per unit area (GSM) & hence per linear meter of all textiles in any form.


A number of specimens are taken randomly from the full width of fabric and weighed


Circular Weight per Metre² cutter
Square Weight per Metre² cutter
Balance accurate to 0.01gms
Cutting Matgsm Equipment

-Due consideration should be give to the following
-Sampling, marking out, cutting
-Accuracy of weighing
-Proper Conditioning
-Area Management and cutting should be to and accuracy of 1 %.
-For cutting Die & template is recommended
-Sharpness of blade must be checked frequently
-Effect of moisture content can be corrected
-Weighing should be accurate.

Specimen Preparation

- Do not use fabric within 5cm of the selvedge
- Avoid fabrics which are severely creased or folded
- From the full width of the fabric take 8 random samples, approx. 150 cm square (Ensure that the specimens do not contain the same set of length and width yarns)
- Place the squares onto a cutting mat and using the weight cutter, cut out eight samples individually, ensuring that a clean cut is obtainedgsm Specimen Preparation















-The sample of known area is cut and weighed and the weight divided by area
-Weighing should be accurate to 1 part in 500
Condition the eight specimens for a minimum of 4 hours in a conditioned atmosphere of 20 ± 2°C and 65 ± 2% RH before testing.

Carry out the test in this atmosphere.

Calculationgsm Calculation










Place all 5 samples on the balance together and record the total weight.

Divide this figure by 5 and multiply by 100 to give the weight per metre² in gms
Divide the weight in gms by 33.91to give the weight in ozs per yd²

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