While China sends more aid to Africa in the grip of Ebola-west medicalequipment providers fighting the epidemic on another front as they rush to meet global demand thesoaring protection products.

Protective equipment such as overalls, gloves and goggles are essential supplies in battleagainst the deadly virus, with Chinese suppliers seeing a wave of orders concernedcountries.

Gao Yan, manager of the province inHubei based Crown Disposable Hygiene Products Name Sales Corp Ltd, said since the beginning of the epidemic, the company received a ofinquiries flows on the controls.

“People are calling from all over, asking if we have something in stock,” Gao toldXinhua the Canton Fair, the largest trade event in the country.

The World Health Organization reported 4951 casualtiesfrom Ebola in eight countries with a total of 13,567 as of October 29. ReportedCases Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone arethe most affected nations.

Cai Tianzhi, deputy secretary general of the China Chamberof Medicine and health products, said the Chineseproducers, which more than 50 percent of the global market share of medical protective equipment, reacted quickly: demand.

At the fair, the company Gao was present a new line OFPRODUCTS specially designed for Ebola prevention, catchingthe eyes of foreign buyers.

“It is made with a brand new, waterproof material, withdouble zippers to improve prevention. And wholegarment is not sewn but heat sealed, so you can find noslots at all,” said Gao.

As protective wear is mostly a one time sale and needsto change frequently, many customers Gao quantity orders placedlarge asking fast delivery.

“We are scrambling to respond to commands. Also almost all clients require air freight, the costs are even higher meanslogistic that the product price, “said Gao.

“We usually pay less than $ 1 for shipping a box, but if it goes by air, it will cost $ 70 to $ 80,” said Gao. “So you can imagine how urgent it is!”

Gao said the company plans to hire more staff and the installation of new machines. “We nowhave almost nothing in stock. Our products are transported to the airport as soon as they Getoff assembly lines,” she said.

“At the same time, we send samples to a laboratory in the UK for moretests in order to get the green light for the European market,” said Gao.

China exported nonwoven medical garments $ 361 million in the first half of 2014, up 9percent over one year.

“Given the spread of the Ebola outbreak in the second half of the year, there bedefinitely a strong increase,” said Cai.

From April, China, the first foreign country to provide assistance to affected countries, delivered three batches of emergency relief items to West Africa with the fourth lane batchunder. Help is $ 122 million in total.

“Our products are among aid supplies,” said Zheng Xiaoming, president of anotherhygiene producer of products in Hubei province. “Our turnover has increased by more than 50percent since the Ebola outbreak.”

The plant can produce 200,000 Zheng protective clothing pieces in a month. He said thecompany will never sacrifice quality for quantity. “It’s literally a matter of life or death,” hesaid.


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