Function of Garments & Apparel Buying House

A garment buying house works as a mediator between buyers clothing (retailers) and clothing manufacturers or export houses. Buying house is the purchasing agency also known and buying office . Purchasing office may be the regional office of the buyer or an independent company that works with several buyers. For example , TESCO has its own regional purchasing office for source countries . On the other hand  Li & Fung International is a home purchase that works with many buyers , brands and retailers in the High Street.

There are two ways to find out more about buying a home. One, the services provided by the purchase of homes or office clothes buying house in the apparel supply chain. Second, that all departments are there in a home purchase ?

The main functions of a buying house

A buying house can provide several services to their buyers. In this post , I have listed below the main services provided by most of the buying clothing houses.

• Product development and sampling for buyers
• Finding the right supplier for their buyers
• Processing orders from local suppliers
• Getting in touch with buyers and taking the approval of development , samples , samples offs strike etc.
• Transmission buyers comments on samples buyers requirement to suppliers
• Provide local approvals sellers
• Follow-up of order processing with suppliers ( export houses)
• Take care of the quality of products, sample development to final inspection
• homebuying sometimes do outsourcing fabrics and trimmings for buyers and sellers
• Conduct  social compliance audits in supplier factories
• Shipping and logistics

Different departments of a buying house

Buying office can be handled by two or three people in a single room office to a large office with various departments and dozens of employees . A call sized home is set with the following ministries.

• Design and product development
• The technical team ( Pattern making and approval adjustment )
• The merchandising team
• The quality assurance team
• tasting room with some sewing and tailoring
• Delivery and Documentation
• Textile Testing Laboratory
• Sourcing fabric and trim
• The audit of the compliance of the factory
• Delivery and documentation
• Other administrative services

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