Functional and decorative loops

Fixed loops that protrude from the garment also have length restrictions and safety must be considered when designing garments with either functional or decorative loops. The loop length must be measured end to end, the end being the point at which the loop is attached to the garment. The extension must be measured from the fabric surface to the centre of the loop when it is extended to its maximum without distorting the fabric surface.

Any loopsmust not be more than 7.5cm (3”) in total loop length.
loop length

Belt loops
Belt loops can be used on garments designed for children 3 years and under. However, they must be a maximum of 4cm (1½”) in length between bar tacks. Belt loops must be attached so that they lie flat against the garment. This is to reduce the risk of entrapment.
Belt loops must be securely attached and reinforced with a bartack.
belt loop

Back neck (locker) loops
Back neck (locker) loops should be located in the centre back neck and positioned at the inside of a garment only.
back neck loop

Hanger loops
The use of hanger loops longer than 7.5cm (3”) in total circumference is not permitted for childrens clothing.
hanger loop

Button loops
Using of button loops – maximum circumference 7.5cm (3”) – is permitted for childrens
clothing. The length, however, should be restricted to the minimum required for fastening.

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