Garment or cloth Dry-cleaning process.

Drycleaning as per care label, All Procedures:

a. Dryclean — a process by which soil may be removed from products or specimens in a machine which uses any common organic solvent (for example, petroleum, perchlorethylene, fluorocarbon) located in any commercial establishment. The process may include moisture addition to solvent up to 75% relative humidity, hot tumble drying up to 160°F (71°C) and restoration by steam press or steam-air finishing.
b. Professionally dryclean — use the drycleaning process but modified to ensure optimum results either by a drycleaning attendant or through the use of a drycleaning machine which permits such modifications or both. Such modifications or special warnings must be included in the care instruction.
c. Petroleum, Fluorocarbon, or Perchlorethylene — employ solvent(s) specified to dryclean the item.
d. Short cycle — reduced or minimum cleaning time, depending upon solvent used.
e. Minimum extraction — least possible extraction time.
f. Reduced moisture or Low moisture — decreased relative humidity.
g. No tumble or Do not tumble — do not tumble dry.
h. Tumble warm — tumble dry up to 120°F (49°C).
i. Tumble cool — tumble dry at room temperature.
j. Cabinet dry warm — cabinet dry up to 120°F (49°C).
k. Cabinet dry cool — cabinet dry at room temperature.
l. Steam only — employ no contact pressure when steaming.
m. No steam or Do not steam — do not use steam in pressing, finishing, steam cabinets or wands.

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