Garment or clothing Wash process, Machine Methods

Washing process as per care label, Machine Methods:

a. Machine wash — a process by which soil may be removed from products or specimens through the use of water,detergent or soap, agitation and a machine designed for this purpose. When no temperature is given, e.g., warm or cold, hot water up to 150°F (66°C).can be regularly used.
b. Warm — initial water temperature setting 90°F (32°C) (hand comfortable).
c. Cold — initial water temperature setting same as cold water tap up to 85°F (29°C).
d. Do not have commercially laundered — do not employ a laundry which uses special formulations, sour rinses,extremely large loads or extremely high temperatures or which otherwise is employed for commercial, industrial or institutional use. Employ laundering methods designed for residential use or use in a self-service establishment.
e. Small load — smaller than normal washing load.
f. Delicate cycle or gentle cycle – slow agitation and reduced time.
g. Durable press cycle or permanent press cycle – cool down rinse or cold rinse before reduced spinning.
h. Separately — alone.
i. With like colors — with colors of similar hue and intensity.
j. Wash inside out — turn product inside out to protect face of fabric.
k. Warm rinse — initial water temperature setting 90°F (32°C).
l. Cold rinse — initial water temperature setting same as cold water tap up to 85°F (29°C).
m. Rinse thoroughly — rinse several times to remove detergent, soap, and bleach.
n. No spin or Do not spin — remove material start of final spin cycle.
o. No wring or Do not wring — do not use roller wringer, nor wring by hand.

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