Garment pH value & its test procedure:

pH value is to test the acid and alkali contents remained in apparel fabrics. Apparel fabrics which can directly contact with the skin has a relatively higher requirement on PH value. PH value will not make the skin itchy if controlled between weak acid or neutrality.This test method determines the pH of wet processed textiles. To make a quantitative determination, the chemicals which influence pH must be removed from the textile specimen, collected as a water extract then accurately measured by a pH meter.

The various chemicals and processes in the textile and garment production, as well as in garment washing and finishing, will effect the final pH-value.

>7,5-rinse the fabric or garment with normal water or acidic water. To make the water become acidic, diluted formic acid or diluted acetic acid can be used.

Garment pH value testing procedure:

Non-Leather: DIN EN ISO 3071; Extraction in potassium chloride
Leather: DIN EN ISO 4045, Extraction in water

pH = 7 equates pure water and / or neutral solutions
pH < 7 equates a solution with acid impacts pH > 7 equates a solution with basic impacts

Normal Limit: pH value: 4-7.5

Range of pH scale: (0-14), Neutral value: 7

Test method & standards:BS EN 4052 BS EN/DIN EN/ISO 3071 & AATCC 81,EN 1413 (Textile) ISO 4045 (leather)

ph value

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