General Best Practices for dyeing,finishing and process control to improve product quality

In general, the best practice for factories has been developed from the same principle approaches to process management. Below is some general guidance on a number of aspects of preparation, dyeing,
finishing and process control that can improve quality, reduce consumption of water, energy and chemicals and help improve productivity.

♦ All raw materials (dyes, chemicals, substrates, hides etc) should be checked for conformance and consistency
♦ All fibres, yarns and fabrics should be accurately weighed before processing
♦ All dyes AND chemicals must be accurately measured or weighed
♦ Selection of chemicals and dyes should consider toxicity, COD/BOD and other potential hazards
♦ There must be clear, written procedures Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for ALL processes
♦ In-house testing and access to accredited testing facilities is essential
♦ All finished batches must be examined prior to dispatch

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