How many documents do you need to compliance your factory in Bangladesh.

List of essential License & Certificate for a Garments factory compliance in Bangladesh:

1. E.R.C

2. I.R.C

3. Factory Labour License.

4. Factory Layout Plan Approval.

5. Boiler Certificate.

6. Fire License.

7. Environment Certificate.

8. Chamber of Commerce & Industry Membership Certificate.

9. Membership & certification of Bangladesh Garments Manufactures & Exporters Associate (BGMEA)

10. VAT Certificate.

11. Trade License.

12. EPB Enrolment Certificate.

13. TIN Certificate.

14. Bank Solvency Certificate.

15. Article of Memorandum.

16. Certificate of Incorporation.

17. BOND License & General BOND.

18. PDB Testimonial.

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