How to measuring garment tops.

Term Abbreviation

CB = Center Back

CF = Center Front

HPS = High Point Shoulder

W/O = Without

W/B = waistband


-Measurement surface must be smooth and flat.

-Garment must be buttoned or zipped unless otherwise specified.

-Gently smooth out all folds, wrinkles, or creases without stretching or distorting the garment.


-Take all measurements to the nearest 1/8” using a flexible measuring tape.

- specific measurement marked with an asterisks (*). These measurements are considered key measurements.

Now I describe about how to measuring garment tops easily.

*Chest – Measure straight across the garment 1” inch below the armhole, seam to seam.


Across the back – X” down from HPS (as listed in tech pack) measure from arm opening to arm opening.

Across the back

*Across the Shoulder – Measure across the back of garment from armhole seam to armhole seam, at shoulder fold point. Across the Shoulder

Armhole – Align from armhole seam over back armhole seam. Measure along seam from underarm to shoulder. Armhole

CB collar height - at CB, measure straight from collar edge to collar seam. CB collar height

CB Length – For garments with a collar or neck seam, measure from center back neck at to seam to bottom edge. CB Length

CB neckband - At CB, measure straight from collar seam to neck seam. CB neckband

*CB Sleeve Length – Begin from center back neck, across shoulder, pivoting tape as needed to follow outside edge of sleeve, to end of cuff. CB Sleeve Length

Center Back Yoke Depth - at CBN, measure straight down from neck seam to yoke seam. Center Back Yoke Depth

Cuff/ Sleeve Hem Height - Measure from seam or stich line to cuff edge.

Cuff or Sleeve Hem Height

Extended sleeve/cuff opening – Measure straight across, seam to seam, with all fullness pulled out.

Extended sleeve or cuff opening

Front Yoke Depth – On front, measure straight down from HPS to yoke seam. Front Yoke Depth

Hood Height (from HPS) – fold hood in half with front opening edges even. Measure from top of hood to HPS.

Hood Height (from HPS)

Hood Height - At front opening: fold hood in half with front opening edges even. Measure along front opening from top edge to the neck seam.
Hood Height

Hood Width - Fold hood in half with front opening edges even. At X” down from top edge (as listed in tech pack), measure straight across from hood fold to the opening edge. Hood Width

Neck circumference extended – align front neck on top of back neck and gently extend neck to its natural limit. Measure straight across from edge to edge. Neck circumference extended

*Neck Circumference w/ collar - with neckband buttoned, aligned front evenly over back, and measure from edge to edge through center of neckband. Neck Circumference with collar

*Neck circumference – w/o collar – fold the shirt in half so the shoulders seams are on top of one another. Lay flat and walk flexible tape measure along neckband, then double the number. Neck circumference

Neck width w/o collar – measure straight across HPS inside neck opening, edge to edge. Neck width with out collar

Neck Width - Seam to seam: measure straight across HPS from neck seam right to neck seam left. Neck Width

Neckband Length - With collar open and flat, measure through center of neckband from center of button to outer edge of buttonhole. Neckband Length

Shoulder Length – from HPS measure along the seam to the outer shoulder edge. Shoulder Length

Sleeve Cap Width - at x” down from top of sleeve (listed in tech pack), measure across sleeve cap from seam to seam. Sleeve Cap Width

Sleeve Length – from outer shoulder edge, measure along the fold to sleeve opening. Sleeve Length

Sleeve/Cuff Opening - Measure straight across, seam to seam.

Sleeve or Cuff Opening

*Upper Arm (Bicep) – Measure 1” below armhole, straight across sleeve, parallel to sleeve opening, edge to edge. Upper Arm (Bicep)

*Waist – Measure X” down from HPS (as listed in tech pack), then straight across, edge to edge. Waist

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