When a person comes into contact with a live electrical circuit of sufficient voltage to cause an electric shock you first priority is to eliminate the flow of currenct. This typically is not just turning off the machine, equipment or tool . . . you must break the current at the source by switching off the circuit or by removing the plug from the socket in the case of a power tool.

On some occasions this may not be possible to do quickly enough. At this
point your only option is to break the contact between the current and the
person. This can be done by either moving the victim or moving the
electrical source (wire) so they are no longer in contact. To do this safely
without harm to yourself you must not be another conductor for the electric
path to ground.

Insulate yourself if you must move a victim away from a live contact – wear
electrical or dry gloves or cover your hands with cloth and stand on dry
insulating material like cardboard, wood r clothes. Ensure you have good footing and will not slip or fall when trying to move the victim.

Utilize something non-conductive to release the victim or move the source
from the victim. The following are some common items:

. Professional non-conductive release hook (best option and relatively inexpensive)
. Long piece of lumber (2×4, etc)
. Broom Handle
. Leather belt (cut off buckle)
. Dry Rope
. Blanket, clothes or other dry nonconductive materials

Once the victim is released from the live current check the victims breathing and heart beat. If breathing has stopped, but the victims pulse is present, commence mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. If heartbeat has stopped, commence cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). If both breathing and heartbeat have stopped, alternate between mouthto-mouth resuscitation and CPR. Use blankets to keep the victim warm and raise the victim’s legs slightly above the level of the head to lessen the effects of shock.

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