How you can effected from Pesticides by your garments product, leather product, papers and boxes.

The wording “pesticides” is derived from Latin “pestis” = pest and “caedere” = kill / dispatch. Pesticides are substances or mixtures of substances used to kill a pest, whereas they may be chemical substances, biological agents or disinfectants. Thus they are utilized to control organism, which are considered harmful.

Possible application
Pesticides can be found in natural fibres and items as well as in papers, cartons and boxes. Another possible application is in leather products.

While talking about pesticides there have to be mentioned the various effects.

 Environmental
Most sprayed pesticides reach a destination other than their target species.

 Human Health
The farmers and workers are contaminated to pesticides as well as the general public during exposure routes, in particular pesticide drift.

There are dermal or oral (infants) possibilities to exposure by pesticides from textiles. Different pesticides occur different symptoms of poisoning, such as headache, sickness, vertigo and so on. Long-dated pesticides affect carcinogenic, mutagenic and / or toxic for reproduction.

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