Important conversion factors for garments & Apparel sector

1 meter=1.0936 yard
1 square meter=1.1960 square yard
1 square yard=0.8361 square meter
1 meter=39.37 inch
1 inch=2.54 cm
1 cm=0.3937 inch
1 gm=0.0353 oz
1 oz=28.350 gm
1 pound=453.6 gm
1 kg=2.2046 pound
1m/kg=0.4961 yd/ib
1 gm/square meter=0.0295 oz/square yd
1 oz/square yd=33.91gm/square meter
1 pound=0.4536kg
1 yd/ib=2.0159 m/kg
1 CN/tex=0.102 g/dtex

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