Necessery Test for Textile, Garment,Apparel, Leather, shoes & toys item for consumer safty & buyer approval.

Colourfastness Tests:

-Fastness to Light
-Fastness to Washing
-Cross Staining to Washing
-Fastness to Dry Cleaning
-Cross Staining to Dry Cleaning
-Fastness to Water
-Cross Staining to Water
-Fastness to Chlorinated Water
-Fastness to Rubbing
-Phenolic Yellowing

Dimensional Stability, Durability & Appearance Tests:

-Print Durability
-Embellishment Durability for Childrenswear Product
-Embellishment Durability (General Apparel)
-Durawash Appearance
-Appearance Assessment after Washing
-Appearance Assessment after Dry Cleaning
-Polar Fleece Assessment
-Dimensional Stability to Washing & Drying (Fabrics & Garments)
-Stability & Durability to Dry Cleaning
-WIRA Steam Stability
-Stability of Socks
-Appearance of Underwired Lingerie Product
-Stability & Appearance of Underwired Lingerie Product

Physical Tests:

-Grab Strength & Seam Slippage / Strength
-Garment Seam Test
-Tear Strength
-Martindale Abrasion
-Pilling Resistance
-Mass per Unit Area – Ambient
-Mass per Unit Area – Conditioned
-Extension & Modulus
-Extension & Recovery
-Bursting Strength
-Swiss Pilling
-Accelerator Pile Loss
-Bra Wire Casing Test
-Handle Attachment
-Buckle Strength

Home Tests:

-Pile Abrasion
-Wing Rip Tear Strength
-Breaking Strength / Elongation
-Scuffing Resistance
-Spray Rating
-ETI Assessment
-Non-Iron Assessment
-Seam Pucker Assessment
-Water Spotting
-Oil Spotting

Safety Tests:

-Button Strength
-Security of Attachment
-Security of Unattached Components
-Lead in substrate
-Azo dyes
-Nickle Release
-Mercury in surface coating

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