Restricted Substances test requirement chart for Clothing safety regulation,jewelry safety regulation, metal safety regulation, footwear safety regulation, textile safety, garment safety of leather, jewelry, textile & garment technology.

Based on experience the following tables give recommendations that help to decide in which cases parameters are of particular relevance. In these cases, tests are highly recommended. It must be pointed out that these recommendations (including the case that a special material or component is not mentioned), do not use Garment/Appearl/Textile fibres / Artificial leather / Leather / jewellery (earrings, necklaces, wristbands, hair circlets, hair clips)/ Packaging item with out comply with the requirements of the Restricted Substances as well as all relevant local and national laws and regulations in all cases for all materials and all parameters as per Clothing safety, Clothing safety regulation, Clothing safety for children’s, clothing hazardous, textile safety, garment safety, garments safety, children’s Clothing safety, jewelry safety regulation, metal safety regulation, Jewelry safety, metal safety, footwear safety regulation, footwear safety, are given below.

rsl test chart
Table for Chemical Test at brief
table which test for which material

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