Processes of Garments Sampling

Another activity is the basis of Merchandising prepares proper sample so that it can satisfy the buyer. The sampling process that follows a sequence are given below:

1st Pattern: 1st pattern refers to the first physical release of any clothing as the artwork is done by the designer or developer. In other words,
Human Mind > Sketch > Paper Sample > Sample
Purpose: See the Design work & test the Fitting
Status: Nothing specific
Material: Available
Price: Not conformed
Quantity: 1 (for buyer) + 1 (for Merchandiser)
Delivery: As per Urgency

2nd Pattern: Usually designer / developer still require some changes to the initial configuration. Second pattern is made based on the comments.
Counter Sample: If the first model is the work of designer, Counter sample should not be made in the designer art work. He must follow another sample proposed by the merchandiser.
Purpose: To see the workmanship & test the factory skill
Status: Nothing specific
Material: Available
Price: Not conformed
Quantity: 1 (for buyer) + 1 (for self keeping)
Delivery: As per request

Sales Man Sample: Sales Man Sample Sample is when the price is confirmed and the controls are on speculation generally in size L in all combinations of the expected order of color. The buyer arranges a meeting with the customer and records their response on the order quantity by color, size, etc., and finally ordering his supplier.
Purpose: Sales Meeting by Retailers, Market Appraisal, Demand / Order forecast
Status: Final stage of the order confirmation
Material: Actual
Price: Confirmed
Quantity: There is minimum quantity per color combination
Delivery: Very important to meet the delivery date.

Photo sample: In this sample, the samples were made with the actual color and material to be worn
by patterns on the case of shooting the subject for.

Approval Sample: In a discrete time period, whenever he needed a review of the sample, a new sample is made according to the new specification. It is then sent to the buyer for approval of According what the review is done correctly.

Pre-Production sample: When equipment arrives bulk production, plant produces a sample with the actual material and sends it to the buyer.

Production sample: This is a reference to the purchaser that the key is produced according to specifications. The buyer wants to be assured that the correct equipment is sourced and manufacturing line to confirm quality.

Shipping sample: A sample is stored at each inspection before delivery to be called, if necessary, after the order has been delivered. Usually, in case of dispute (eg, claim) Extract shipping is important.

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