Qtex Solutions Ltd Achieve 1st BAB accredited body for workplace environmental condition inspection & also gets IAE Award

About Q tex solution:

Established in 2007, Qtex Solutions Limited is a third party environmental testing laboratory that provides its clients with testing, inspection and consulting services. The laboratory has highly experienced and qualified engineers, chemists and technicians to provide quality testing and assessment services within scope.

Achieve 1st BAB accredited body :

For the first time in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) has accredited Qtex Solutions Limited under the state environmental inspection work scope to comply with the ISO / IEC 17020 International: 2012. Consequently now generated reports Qtex Solutions Limited will be nationally and internationally recognized. For a long period of time, a discussion is underway on the state of the working environment of different industries especially after the climate conference in Paris (COP21). The Bangladesh government, foreign buyers and donors are giving more concentration and focus on the protection environmemtal. But first there was no firm accredited by the government in Bangladesh, who compiled the international standard of environmental inspection sector. Day after day, foreign buyers give importance to save the environment by ensuring respect of the environment at work. Meanwhile, clothing and textile industries are deceived by taking the environmental inspectorate and testing services to some unrecognized fake organizations. Bay accreditation QTX Solutions, the problem will be mitigated significantly. Qtex Solutions Limited provides a high quality service to various industries in recent years. The company provides testing, inspection and training. Qtex Solutions Limited has already won two international awards in 2014 to provide high quality services. Now this accreditation has added more value to this company. Besides the multinationals, such acheivement is first and foremost for any national organization. Local representatives of different international buyer’s agencies expressed their satisfaction with the achievement of accreditation and magnificent success Qtex Solutions Ltd. Now it would be easier to ensure respect for the environment in the industrial sector, including clothing and textile industries by monitoring the workplace status of approved and recognized government agency. By obtaining accreditation Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB), now it has become feasible to improve the environmental status of the industrial environment in accordance with international standards.

Qtex Solutions gets IAE Award:

Qtex Solutions Limited received the International Arch Europe Award in the gold category for its quality and outstanding technology recently, said a press release. IAE International Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Award recognizes the strong commitment to quality and excellence. Tahura Khanam, CEO of Qtex Solutions Limited, a leading company in its sector received IAE International Arch of Europe to the Inter Continental Convention Hall of the President of BID Jose E. Prieto. Qtex Solutions Limited makes quality a core focus for continuous improvement of the management to maintain leadership in its sector and the community. Qtex Solutions Limited is an independent environmental inspection agency, testing, certification, research and development. 2014 International Quality Awards were presented by Business Initiative Directions IDB IDB Group and one on April 13 in Frankfurt Intercontinental Convention Hall. The event was presided by Jose E. Prieto, President and CEO, as well as the business leaders and the diplomatic corps. 49 countries of companies gathered to receive the International Arch of Europe. The main sponsor of the International Quality Convention was Imar Press Media Group. Qtex Solutions Limited complies with ISO 9001: 2008 and the QC100 TQM model. This recognition is based on the criteria of the QC100 quality model, implemented in over 100 countries. The QC 100 TQM help companies struggling to continuously improve quality to meet the goals and set an example for the rest of the business community. Business leaders were present their companies for an international audience and participated in case conferences quality studies in companies in search of quality and excellence. Tahura Khanam, general manager of Qtex Solutions Limited gave a speech at the convention, she said Qtex Solutions Limited is a leader in the field of evaluation and environmental testing in Bangladesh, she also said that Qtex ISO 9001: company 2008 and certified following international standards. She also mentioned that during the Qtex test uses advanced technology with highly qualified expertise.


Contact for any queries:

House: 07(1st Floor),Road:14, Sector:01
Jashimuddin Avenue, Uttara, Dhaka.

Tel: +88 0289333536
Mobile: +8801989600400, +8801799070111
E-mail: info@qtexsolutionsbd.com

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