Quality Control System of Knitting Section

The quality control department is assigned to maintain consistently uniform quality of the material in process and various stages of its manufacturing. After collecting fabric rolls from different machines, these fabrics need to inspect thoroughly by the quality inspectors to assure required quality before dyeing. Quality control of knitted grey fabric is described here.

List of Equipment for Quality Control

The list of equipments to assure quality:-

1) Inspection m/c.

2) Electronic balance

3) GSM cutter.

4) Measuring tape.

5) Scissors.

6) Indication sticker.

Quality Control Procedure

All rolls are kept in front of the inspection m/c and are inspected over the inspection m/c visually which is called “OFFLINE INSPECTION” in a pre-set speed under light. For any major or minor faults like thick-thin, barre mark, contamination, fly, holes, oil lines, needle line, slubs etc are recorded in inspection report to classify the fabric based on the 4 point system.

Quality Control Standard Value

Fabric inspected by 4-point system in the factory. This is the universal system for the inspection of grey and finished fabric.

Penalty points are assigning according to size of defects:

Size of defects

Penalty Points

Up to 3 inches

1 Points

3 to 6 inches

2 Points

6 to 9 inches

3 Points

Over 9 inches

4 Points

Less than 1 inches

[For Hole]

2 Points

Over 1 inches

[For Hole]

4 Points


Grading Points:

For “A” Grade – Less than 20 points

For “B” Grade – 20-40 points

For “C” Grade or Reject – More than 40 points


Lycra % Measurement

Length of Yarn Consumed in 1 Rev of MPF(cm) X No. of feeder

100 x Yarn Count (Ne) x 1.69


For Cotton (MPF) =

= A

Length of Lycra Consumed in 1 Rev of MER(cm) X No. of feeder X Count (Den)

100 x  9000


For Lycra (MER) =

= B

Total= (A+B) = C

Lycra % = (B/C) x 100

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