Relanit movement technology

Relanit movement technology has long since become established as the accepted single jersey standard. Given the enormous success of the technology and the large number of machines produced, the price difference compared to conventional single jersey machines is by no means as great as it was during the early years.

The main advantages over Conventional Technology are:

Conventional Technology

  •  Effective Cost Management by reducing yarn consumption.
  •  High Performance at High Speeds.
  •  Simple Operation.
  •  Fewer Faults in Fabrics.

Modern jersey machines are built for high speed production and a limiting factor in the production rate is the time taken to move the needle through the total displacement necessary for loop formation. One way of reducing this time delay is to use relative or counter movement.

RELANIT Technology

Relanit technique causes the sinker to move up when the needle is moving down and to move down when the needle moves up. In this way the total vertical needle movement can be cut by approximately half and the cycle time reduced by half also.

Due to its design, the Relanit does not require a separate sinker and sinker cam ring. Oily lint falls to the outside and not into the fabric tube area.


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