Safety Risk Associated with Fabric Treatments for Babies, Infants Garments & Accessories.


-Garment Washes

-Fabric Finishes

-Garment Treatment

Safety Risk Associated with Fabric Treatments:

-Choking, Inhalation and Ingestion



-Carcinogenic and Invasive reactions such as fibrotic nodules forming on the lung

Standard Applies to:


- Babies, Infants Garments & Accessories, for sizes up to & including sizes 3 & Nursery Product for 3 years and under.

- Due to size 1, 2 & 3 being ranged in Target‟s 1-6 age group, all other sizes within the size group will adhere to this standard. This standard also applies to Licence 3-8 for example. .Formaldehyde

- All Areas, Babies, Infants, Childrens, Mens, Ladies, Accessories & Nursery. Abrasive Blasting (commonly referred to as Sandblasting)

- All Areas, Babies, Infants, Childrens, Mens, Ladies, Accessories & Nursery.

Standard For Fabric Treatments:


– 100% inspection

– pockets of garment.

-Formaldehyde .

-Abrasive Blasting  Prohibited

Problems that Create the Risk Factors:

-Stones found in pockets of jeans after Stonewash Process are potential Choking, Inhalation or Ingestion hazards.

-Fabric Treatments eg. Formaldehyde can cause irritation to the skin.

-Abrasive Blasting: Process of “..forcefully projecting a stream of abrasive particles onto a surface, usually with compressed air or steam”.1 Silica sand is commonly used in this process, therefore, the common term being “Sandblasting”.

The process of abrasive blasting apparel is linked with causing Silicosis. Silicosis causes development of fibrotic nodules on the lungs, resulting in fatal Pulmonary Disease, due to inhalation of Silica dust. (The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health)> 24/10/2011


-Stonewash garment that have not had an100% inspections of pockets to remove stones are prohibited.

-Fabrics treated with formaldehyde are prohibited.

-Products that have been subjected to Abrasive Blasting are prohibited.

Assessment of Suitability:

♦Has the fabric undergone any treatments that may pose a health risk?

- Chemical

- Physical

♦Has a 100% Inspection been conducted on pockets of garments that have undergone a Stonewash treatment?

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