Safety Risks Associated with Elastics for Children‟s Underwear, Swimwear and Sleepwear.

Safety Risks Associated with Elastics:

-Strangulation and Entrapment


Standard Applies To:

-Children‟s Underwear, Swimwear and Sleepwear.

-Babies and Infants Garments & Accessories for sizes up to & including size 3 & Nursery Product for 3 years and under. -Due to size 1, 2 & 3 being ranged in Target‟s 1-6 age group, all sizes within the group will adhere to this standard. This standard also applies to Licence 3-8 for example.

Standard for Elastic:

-(Underwear and Swimwear Only) Minimum Performance Requirements.

Physical Properties

- Elastics -Must meet relaxed measurements, for openings.

-Must meet minimum stretched size specification measurements without undue force.

-Soft quality elastic preferred for newborn and sleepwear.

Standard for Attachment:

-Elastic ends must be securely sewn into seams or backstitched at Centre Back to prevent ends from pulling out when stretched, eg. adjustable waist pants.

-Elastic used to give the effect of a drawcord must be non functional. Lengths of cord are sewn into the garment to give the illusion they are draw cord ends. These short lengths of elastic cord eliminate the ability of the cord to draw in.

Problems that Create the Risk Factors:

-Child is at risk of having their circulation or airway restricted by elastic.

-Can cut off blood flow to appendages.

-Poses entrapment hazard of appendages.

-Can be caught on obstacles.


-Elastic cord prohibited for sizes 00000-2.

-Elastic loops internally in the toe or finger area of a sock, bootee, mitten or all in one are prohibited for children 12 months and under.

-Elastic drawcords are prohibited.

Additional Information by Elastic Type:

-Stretch lace may require a narrow flat elastic to assist with meeting the performance testing requirements.

Assessment of Elastic Suitability:

The following points are to be assessed when deciding if the elastic chosen is suitable for the function intended:

-Is the elastic suitable for end use?

-Is the elastic edging suitable for small children or is it an entrapment hazard/risk?

-Does the edging pull away creating a loopy surface with risk of entrapment?

-Is the elastic soft quality for newborns and sleepwear?

-Will the elastic be able to draw up which could cut off circulation or cause strangulation?

-Is the elastic too firm / strong / does not have enough extension?

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