Safety Risks associated with Fabrics types to Babies, Infants Garments & Accessories.


-Cotton face fleece/sherpa

-Loose weaves

– Dobby, Waffle Weave, eg. Blankets

-Terry Towelling, eg. Towels

-Cut Pile Fabrics, eg. Chenille, velour

-Harsh Fabrics


-UPF Sun Protection Fabrics

Safety Risks associated with Fabrics:

-Flammability -Strangulation / Entrapment

-Inhalation & Ingestion


Standard Applies To:

♦To – Babies, Infants Garments & Accessories, for sizes up to & including sizes 3 & Nursery Product for 3 years and under. – Due to size 1, 2 & 3 being ranged in Target‟s 1-6 age group, all other sizes within the size group will adhere to this standard. This standard also applies to Licence 3-8 for example.

♦Cotton Faced Fleece / Sherpa – Standard Applies To – All Departments: – Baby, Infant, Children, Ladies, Men‟s, Accessories & Nursery.

♦UPF Sun Protection Fabrics – Standard Applies To – All Departments, as requested by the Buyer – Baby, Infant, Children, Ladies, Men‟s, Accessories & Nursery.

Standard for Fabrics:

-Fleece / Sherpa – face must be fibre blend or manmade fibre (must not be cotton face).

-UPF Sun Protection Fabrics – Must pass UPF Rating 40 min.

-Artificial Fur with a pile of 1.5cm or greater – warning ticket & label to be attached to garment.

-Loose Weaves & Terry Towelling – looped yarn to break at 3cm when pulled by hand. Must not be able to be continuously pulled from a large loop.

-Cut Pile Fabrics – care instruction to state wash before wear / use.

-Harsh Fabrics – Age of the intended wearer must be taken into consideration when deciding on fabric type.

-Sheepskins – are to be free of grass seeds and burrs.

Problems that Create Risk Factors:

-Cotton Face Fleece / Sherpa – can ignite readily.

-Sun protection clothing without UPF Rating 40 min will offer less protection, to the wearer, from the harmful rays of the sun.

-Artificial Fur with a pile of 1.5cm or greater – can ignite readily.

-Loosely Woven Fabrics & Terry Towelling eg. Waffle Weaves or Terry Towelling – yarn can easily be pulled & extended to create a loop, which if unable to break easily, in the process, can create a strangulation and/or entrapment hazard for children‟s, fingers / toes, hands / feet.

-Cut Pile Fabrics – yarns can be plucked from the fabric creating a potential inhalation or ingestion hazard.

-Harsh Fabrics can be too uncomfortable for tender skin on babies.

-Sheepskins – grass seeds or burrs found in sheepskins if not correctly cleaned can pose a potential inhalation or ingestion hazard. If the seeds/burrs come into contact with the skin of the baby the baby can also experience discomfort.


-Cotton Faced Fleece / Sherpa is prohibited from use across all product areas.

-Sun protection products are prohibited from displaying UPF tickets if they do not meet the sun protection criteria. -Artificial Fur with a pile 1.5cm or greater is prohibited from use for babies, infants, children‟s & nursery products if an artificial fur warning label & ticket are not attached to garment / item.

-Fabric where a yarn can be drawn to form a long loop longer than 3cm are prohibited for use in babies, infants & nursery products.

-Items made from Cut Pile Fabrics which do not carry a “Wash before wear” care instructions are prohibited from use for babies & infants.

-Harsh fabrics are prohibited from use for babieswear.

-Sheepskins with grass seeds or burrs are prohibited.

Assessment of Suitability:

-Is fabric cotton faced fleece or cotton faced Sherpa?

-Is there a UPF Test Report to confirm the fabrics UPF status? Has the relevant UPF tickets been specified for display on the garments?

-If the item is constructed of artificial fur with a pile of 1.5cm or greater, does it have a warning label & ticket?

-Are yarns of a fabric able to be drawn to form an extended loop, which cannot be easily broken?

-Does the style, made from cut pile fabric, have a “Wash before wear” care instruction specified?

-Is the fabric, intended for a babies garment, harsh in hand feel?

-Is the sheepskin free of grass seeds and burrs?

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