Safety risks associated with Threads & Standard For Threads to Babies, Infants Garments & Accessories.


-Monofilament thread.

-Loose or untrimmed threads in enclosed feet or hand area of garments eg. Socks, Tights, Gloves, Mittens, Feet of Rompers.

-Floating & End Threads / Fairisle / Jacquard knit items, including: socks, tights, mittens, nursery items & apparel.

Safety risks associated with Threads:

-Strangulation & Entrapment


Standard Applies To:

-Babies, Infants Garments & Accessories, for sizes up to & including sizes 3 & Nursery Product for 3 years and under.

-Due to size 1, 2 & 3 being ranged in Target‟s 1-6 age group, all other sizes within the size group will adhere to this standard. This standard also applies to Licence 3-8 for example.

-Monofilament thread applies to – Babies, Infants, Childrens, Ladies, Mens, Accessories & Nursery.

Standard For Threads:

-The item contains no floating threads in the foot or hand area.

-The item contains no loose or floating threads longer than 2.5cm.

-Standard for lurex / metallic thread is to be soft quality.

-Monofiloment thread is prohibited from use in all apparel product – except when soft quality monofilament is used in continuous machine application of sequins.

Problems That Create the Risk Factor:

-Long thread ends or float threads that can wrap around fingers or toes of a baby, undetected due to enclosed spaces – mittens, gloves, socks, tights & feet of rompers.

-Monofilament thread can unravel creating long threads, which can wrap around babies hands & toes.

-Monofilament thread or harsh lurex / metallic thread can cause discomfort to the wearer due to harsh nature of the thread.


-Floating thread in the foot & hand are of baby‟s socks, tights, gloves, mittens & feet of rompers are prohibited up to 12 months of age.

-Loose or attached long thread ends are prohibited in the foot & hand area of babies, socks, tights, glove, mittens & feet of rompers, up to 12 months of age.

-Monofilament thread is prohibited from use due to stitching unravelling posing a potential circulation hazard if a child‟s fingers or toes become entrapped in the long thread end.

Assessment of Thread Suitability:

-Are the thread ends in the foot & hand area of a garment / product intended for a baby 12 month or under less than 1cm or under?

-Are the float threads in the foot or hand area of a garment / product, intended for a baby 12 months or under? Has monofilament yarn been used on the garment / product?

-Has soft quality lurex / metallic thread been used for embroidery, etc.?

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