Safety Risks Associated with Beads/Diamantes/Jewels:

Choking, Inhalation and Ingestion

Sharp Objects/Points


Standard Applies To:

♦Babies and Infants garments, Accessories for sizes up to & including size 3 & Nursery product for 3 yrs and under.

♦Due to sizes 1, 2 & 3 being ranged in Target‟s 1-6 age group, all sizes within the group will adhere to this standard. This standard also applies to Licence 3-8 for example.

Standard for Beads/Diamantes/Jewels:

♦Must have smooth edges. .100% of production stock to be inspected on hand stitched attached Beads/Diamantes/Jewels.

♦Documentation of 100% inspection results are required at Inspection/Audit. .Accessories only – Choking hazard warning swing ticket – “product not suitable for children under 3 years”.

♦Beads/Diamantes 6mm or larger must pass Bite Test. (TP91 Bite Test – Safety Test).

Standard for Attachment:

♦Each design variation to be approved by Target Technical Designer.

♦Hand sewn Beads/Diamantes/Jewels must be securely attached using strong spun thread and minimum double thread. Start and finish to be back stitched (not just knotted).

♦Production application must be consistent.

♦Hand sewn Beads/Diamantes/Jewels to have no long thread or loops inside of garment. Thread or loop lengths must not be longer than 1cm on the inside of the garment for infants up to 18 months and no longer than 2.5cm over 18 months.

♦Suitable backing fabric to be selected to avoid discomfort of knots.
♦Fusible interlining must be secure.

♦Glued on diamantes to have a strong adhesive, must withstand wash and wear for the life of the garment.

♦Beads at ends of ties to be secure, ends to be knotted and then bartacked or threaded back through the bead and bartacked or stitcheddown. (see sketch A) .Beads/Diamantes/Jewels should have 4 holes.

♦If it is not possible (due to size or design of bead) the bead must have one hole at top and bottom – must have minimum 16 stitches (8 per hole) and be firmly/securely attached (see sketch B)


Problems that create the risk factor:

♦Beads/Diamantes/Jewels can become detached if strong thread is not used and not stitched and finished securely.

♦Knots inside garment can cause discomfort.

♦Beads/Diamantes/Jewels that have sharp edges can cause a cut or scratch injury to the wearer.

♦Claws can be lifted and the Diamantes can fall out causing a choking risk and the claws can be a sharp object risk.

♦Decorative Diamantes studs can scratch the skin.

♦Coconut/Wooden Beads can disintegrate in the wash, causing sharp edges.

♦Shell beads can break, causing sharp edges.

♦Placement of beads or diamantes can cause discomfort eg. around armhole openings, can rub against underarms.


♦Diamantes with claws for ages 3 yrs and under prohibited.

♦Coconut/Wooden and Shell Beads prohibited.

♦Monofilament threads prohibited from use in attaching Beads/Diamantes. .Beads/Diamantes/Jewels with sharp edges are prohibited.

♦Beads/Jewels with only one or two holes at one edge of button are prohibited. (see sketch B)

Additional Information by Type:

♦Definition Of Claw – Diamante claw refers to the claws encasing the diamante.

Assessment of Beads/Diamantes/Jewel Suitability:

The following points are to be assessed when deciding if the Beads/Diamantes chosen are suitable for the function intended:

♦Can the Beads/Diamantes/Jewels be removed due to insecure or incorrect method of attachment and is there a risk to the wearer?

♦Do the Beads/Diamantes/Jewels have any sharp edges? .Can the Diamonte components separate?

♦Are the Beads/Diamantes/Jewels positioned where it may cause discomfort for the wearer?

♦Are the Beads/Diamantes/Jewels in the position accessible to the Childs mouth?

♦Can the Beads/Diamantes/Jewels scratch the wearer when removing the garment?

♦Is sewing thread suitable? Is attachment method secure?

♦Do the Beads/Diamantes/Jewels pass the bite test (TP91)?

Special Inspection Requirement for Hand-sewn beads

♦Require 100% inspection for hand sewing

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