Simple pull force strength test (chains and hair bands)

Purpose:To test the strength of small accessories

Test method: Buyer wise “simple pull force strength test for small accessories”

What must be tested:
• Jewelleries with metal chains (bracelets, necklaces)
• Hair bands/terry bands

Sampling: 5 samples

Device capable of measuring pull force (pull testing gauge, dynamometer or other)

chains and hair bands test Equipment

• The sample should be tested as a loop
• The clasp/jointing point should be centred during the test.
• Pull until slowly to the appropriate force (see below) and hold for 10 sec
• If the sample snap or break the result is FAIL

chains and hair bands test

Jewellery: 20N
Terry band/hair band:
· without jointing point: 10N
· joint with glue/knot/stitch: 20N
· joint with metal clip: 25N

All 5 samples pass the test → OK
Two or more samples fails → Not OK
One of the 5 samples fail → test 5 more samples:
→ if all are ok the result is OK
→ if one or more fail the result is Not OK

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