Some examples In case of Workplace accidents what should we do?

Seconds count in a medical emergency. When a worker has been injured, what happens while waiting for the ambulance to arrive could make the difference between life and death.

Example 1: Joe’s experiencing shortness of breath; his skin is ashen; he’s perspiring; and he feels severe pain down his left arm. What should his co-workers do?

• Call 911. Joe is probably having a heart attack.
• Help him to a comfortable sitting position and keep him frommoving about.
• Loosen his clothing at the waist and neck.
• Give heart medication if called for, but don’t give any stimulants.
• Begin CPR if his heart stops beating.

Example 2: Anna is choking on something she just ate. What should her co-workers do?

• Stand behind her, and put arms around her waist.
• Place fist, thumb-side in, against her stomach between the navel and ribs, and grab the fist with the other hand.
• Keep pulling in and up sharply until object is dislodged.

Example 3: Mick has just been splashed in the eyes with a hazardous chemical. What should his co-workers do?

• Get him to an eyewash station immediately.
• Flush his eyes with water for at least 15 minutes.
• Get him to a doctor immediately after administering first aid.

Example 4: Betty’s hand got caught in a conveyor. Her hand is mangled, and one of her fingers has been amputated. What should her coworkers do?

• Call 911.
• Put on latex gloves from first-aid kit.
• Apply pressure with a clean bandage from the first-aid kit to stop bleeding.
• Place her amputated finger in a plastic bag, inside another plastic bag that is filled with ice and send it to the hospital with her.
• Treat her for shock, if necessary, by laying her down and covering her with a jacket, sweater, or blanket to keep her warm until the ambulance arrives.

Example 5: Louis is in his 60s. While working, he develops a headache and starts to feel dizzy. He’s experiencing vision problems, and his face and limbs down one side of his body feel weak. What should his co-workers do

• Call 911. Lester may be having a stroke.
• Cover him with something warm like a jacket, sweater, or blanket.
• Offer no stimulants, food, or drink while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

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