What is CPSIA? why need to be sure your kids consuming items (gament , appearl, non appearl, toys, jewlery & other home appliances) are maintain CPSIA standard?

• As per the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), The CPSIA stands for the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act which is a law that was enacted in August of 2008 is a United States law .

The stated purpose of this bill is to “establish consumer product safety standards and other safety requirements for children’s products and to reauthorize and modernize the Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

all components of garments / made-ups meant for Children (kids below 12 years of age) will be required to independently adhere to the norm. Testing reports are made mandatory for Lead content on coated and painted products for all shipments. Currently CPSIA requirements exist for Lead and flammability. Requirements for phthalates have also been notified and will come into effect very soon.

• As per CPSIA all components of the end product must satisfy the requirements of CPSIA. Tests have to be done individually on components. No composite samples are permissible in testing.

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