What is Proposition 65? Why it is need for apparel industry?

Proposition 65 of the State of California USA

The regulations set by the State of California must meet the following requirements.

All products sold or distributed within California that could be handled/absorbed, ingested and / or inhaled by the public ,and could potentially contain the  currently listed harmful chemicals ( as per below), must meet the  ‘Safe harbor Limit’ as set by California litigation.

In  Apparel, the products that could potentially be affected by this requirement is:

Product Type


Safe Harbor Limit

Plastisol  Prints


0.1 % Maximum
PVC Embellishments and Zipper pullers


0.1 % Maximum
Metal Buttons/ Studs/ Zippers

Lead ( Pb)

200ppm Maximum
Metal Buttons/ Studs/ Zippers


300ppm  Maximum

Pass this information on to your printers and embellishment suppliers who should give you confirmation, through test  reports , that they meet the above criteria.

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