What is the purpose of the ban on paint that contains lead?

-This regulation prevents children from being poisoned when they eat paint chips or dust from paint chips containing lead

-or lick their fingers after they play with or touch certain products that are coated with paint that contains lead.

-Lead poisoning in children is associated with behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and growth retardation.

What is considered a ‘surface coating’ under 16 CFR 1303..?
-A fluid, semi-fluid, or other material, with or without a suspension of finely divided coloring matter, which changes to a solid film when a thin layer is applied to a metal, wood, stone, paper, leather, cloth, plastic, or other surface.

-This term does not include printing inks or those materials which actually become a part of the substrate, such as the pigment in a plastic article, or those materials which are actually bonded to the substrate, such as by electroplating or ceramic glazing.

surface coating

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