Why Garments or Fabric Tear strength test failures & How to improve it.

This test method determines the tear force required to propagate a single-rip tear of defined length from a cut in the fabric when a sudden force is applied.

This method applies to fabrics which do not tend to tear in
a direction crosswise to the direction of force applied. Hence it is mainly applicable for woven fabrics.

In general the test is not applicable to knitted fabrics and woven elastic fabrics. It is not suitable for highly anisotropic fabrics or loose fabrics where tear transfer from one machine direction to another direction of the fabric during tear is likely to occur.

Why Failure Fabric or garments Tear strength????

*Basically the yarn is weak, hence the fabric constructed with such yarns will produce a weak fabric with less strength.
*In certain rare cases during various treatments the fabric may become weak.

How To Improve Fabric or garments Tear strength????

*Since the core of the fabric is having problem there are no definite remedies to improve upon.
*Marginal improvements may be possible with washing or some treatment.
*Tearing strength is a property that cannot be improved once a fabric is produced. For future production yarns with longer fiber length and higher twist may result in higher tear strength properties


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