Why Phthalates are concerned in garments & textile industry?

What are phthalates?


♦ mainly used as plasticisers in plastics (especially PVC)
–to increase softness and flexibility.
♦ More than 90% of phthalates produced in Europe are used to plasticize PVC
–in various amounts
–generates materials with an important versatility of properties that has lead to the use of PVC in a vast range of applications
♦  Depending on the final use, plasticiser contents vary between 15 and  60%, with typical ranges from 35-40%.

♦  Phthalates are in used for more than 40 years

♦ Advantage -  flexibility, durability, longevity and low cost

Why they are concerned in textile industry? 
PVC Badge
♦Health-endangering materials
♦some are identified for their potential risks to human health and the environment.
♦DEHP, DINP and DIDP have been suspected to be biocumulative.
♦Certain phthalates as well as their metabolites and degradation products can cause:
– adverse effects on human health,
–in particular on liver and kidney for DINP and
–on testicles for DEHP.
♦Potential endocrine disrupting properties are being evaluated
commission decision
Where they can be found?
-Synthetic fibers
-Synthetic/ natural blends
-Print paste
How to comply with the requirement?
♦ Avoid using PVC
♦ Avoid using PVC material softened with Phthalates.
♦ Use safe plasticizers recommended by European Council for Plasticisers & Intermediates (ECPI), like Adipates, Sebacates, Trimellitates Benzoates Polyesters Citrates
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